Walking and Jogging

will never be the same

Immerse yourself in the workout experience that will change your life
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A Smart Way to work out every day

Music created for your walks and jogs

Each original song is perfectly synchronized to the rhythm of your steps. Achieving within your body a more efficient way to burn calories, supporting physical activity and a more toned body.

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Burn calories more efficiently
Our music guides you towards mental state that maximizes exercise.
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Music in sync
with your steps
Walk and jog in perfect sync with original music, without any interruptions that has fluid transitions ranging from 105 to 185 beats per minute.
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Choose your favorite music style
My Daily trek offers music ranging from Pop, Dance, and Latin.
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Percussion that supports your steps
A constant percussion rhythm will allow you to sustain a consistent march throughout all your sessions.
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Workout your body and your mind
Discover a new way to work simultaneously on the inside and outside.

An app that is different from all the rest, in which the synchronization between the music and your steps will help you to silence your mind, allowing the positive affirmations to induce you into a state of active meditation which:

  • 1
    Will lead you to burn more calories
  • 2
    Will help you lose weight and get in shape in the most effective way
  • 3
    Will help you feel full of energy and inner peace
  • 4
    Will help you find a more positive attitude towards life
Walking and jogging will never be the same
Start today to achieve the body you always dreamed of, the smart way.

My Daily Trek is the app that immerses you in the most fun, effective and energizing walking and jogging experience you have ever seen. ¡Download now!

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Personalize your sessions
Adapt your walks and jogs to your tastes and preferences
5 types of exercise
Enjoy smart music

  • Interval: Combines segments of high and low intensity
  • Pyramid: Increases the intensity until reaching a climax and gradually decreases
  • Jog: Constant jog
  • Walk: Constant walk
  • Relax: Relaxing walks with meditation pauses

3 levels of intensity
High, medium and low
2 Durations
Long and short
Limited time offer
Download entirely for free
You can test out all the My Daily Treks features now
FREE for 5 uses, after that you may purchase the membership
USD $3.99 / mo.
America Latina
  • All tracks available
  • Use without internet connection
  • Track History
FREE DEMO App, after that you may purchase the membership
USD $5.99 / mo.
Resto del mundo
  • All tracks available
  • Use without internet connection
  • Track History
Download now on your device:
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Amazing features
Advanced features

My Daily Trek offers advanced features that will allow for an even more complete experience. Here are some of them:

  • Graphics of your routines with 3 zoom levels
  • Time and steps count
  • Calories burned
  • Distance traveled
  • Percentage completed

You have a GPS system integrated into your app that will show you a map of the path you did your routine on, once you are done with the path you will be able to see the map and share with your friends on Facebook.

Share your workout map with your friends on Facebook so they can follow along!

Listen to audio via streaming or download it if you don’t want to consume internet or data.

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